The Swordsman in Double Flag Town (1991)


The Swordsman in Double Flag Town
Cast: Wei Gao, Mana Zhao, Jiang Chang, Haiying Sun

A young man comes to double flag town in order to marry his promised bride. Both his bride and her father do not like him, because he seems to be a nothing without any skills just wearing two swords on his legs. When some vagabonds try to rape his bride, the young man is able to beat them easily in a sword fight. He suddenly realizes in this first fight he ever did that his father did teach him a superior fighting style. Will those talents be enough for the upcoming? All inhabitants of double flag town expect a bloody revenge by the vagabonds.

  • 17 May 1991 Released:
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  • Ping He, Zhengguang Yang Writer:
  • Ping He Director:
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