The Cave of the Yellow Dog (2005)

Drama, Family

The Cave of the Yellow Dog
Cast: Batchuluun Urjindorj, Buyandulam Daramdadi, Nansal Batchuluun, Nansalmaa Batchuluun

The little nomad girl Nansal finds a baby dog in the Mongolian veld, who becomes her best friend - against all rejections of her parents. A story about a Mongolian family of nomads - their traditional way of life and the rising call of the City.

  • Tartan Films Company:
  • G Rated:
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  • 28 Jul 2005 Released:
  • 13 Feb 2007 DVD Release:
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  • Abel Cantou (english adaptation: original version with subtitles), Byambasuren Davaa, Michael P. Greco (adaptation), Gantuya Lhavga (tale: The Cave of the Yellow Dog) Writer:
  • Byambasuren Davaa Director:
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